Voyager rewatch 3.17 – “Unity”

So here’s how it works: I assimilate you. You assimilate five of your friends. They’re your downline! They each assimilate five of their friends, and before you know it, we’ll all be cruising around in our very own cubes. Quit your job! Be a #BorgBoss!

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Voyager rewatch 3.16 – “Blood Fever”

When this first came out, my brother was about nine or ten, and I — thoroughly spoiled by recaps — really annoyed him by telling our parents it wasn’t suitable for him.

He is now a grown man with a wife and children, but I would nevertheless appreciate it if he does not read this post.

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Voyager rewatch 3.14 – “Alter Ego”

But first! Absolutely no one has been clamouring to find out what I’m planning to do for Star Trek: Lower Decks, so let me tell you anyway:

I have no idea!

Not just because we don’t yet have info about an international release — there are ways around that, up to and including “getting a prepaid Visa with US currency and a VPN and actually signing up to CBS All Access”. (Don’t think I won’t, uhhhhhhh, give you my money, media conglomerates!)

I’m mostly not sure how much I’ll have to say about it. Recaps for comedies — unless it’s something like The Good Place, where there’s a lot of substance behind the laughs — tend to either just repeat the jokes from the show, or treat the whole affair with so much po-faced seriousness as to render the concept of “comedy” meaningless.

So I’m playing it by ear, hoping we get a last-minute announcement about international availability (I’ll even sign up for Ten All Access if I have to!), and aiming to post about it but not anticipating anything more substantial than maybe amusing bullet points.

Now, onto the show!

“Alter Ego” asks: is it possible to love Tuvok too much? Turns out the answer is … yes?

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