Voyager rewatch 2.11 – “Maneuvers”

Voyager‘s back, baby! And so’s Seska!

And, before I forget — this weekend, at Continuum 15, I was delighted and honoured to receive the Ditmar Award for Best Fan Writer. I’m well chuffed, and also (simultaneously) as pleased as a dog with two tails.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me! I plan to be absolutely insufferable for at least the next month.

Onto the blog post!

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Voyager rewatch 2.07 – “Parturition”

[“Liz, did I blink and miss your ‘Persistence of Vision’ post?”

Yes. I hit “post” instead of “save” because I am very smart, and it was up for a whole 24 hours before I noticed.]

Will a baby save Tom and Neelix’s relationship? Actually, yes.

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