Infinite Dudes in Infinite Combinations: A very long post about Star Trek novels

Star Trek tie-in novels have a gender problem.

Decade by decade, series by series, there has been a steady decline in the number of women writing Trek tie-ins. The percentage has dropped from a remarkable 60% in the 1980s to just 12% in the 2010s.

Graph illustrating the decline in female writers, using the numbers outlined above.

As the television series advances — and the Discovery writers room has the highest percentage of women of any Trek series1 — the tie-in novels are going backwards.

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Voyager rewatch 2.20 – “Investigations”

“Investigations” is late because I’ve been sick all week — I made it to work on Wednesday, then passed out on the couch on Wednesday night — and didn’t have the energy for my usual pre-post proofreading yesterday.

BUT FIRST: my intrepid co-podcaster, Anika, and I had the pleasure of appearing on the podcast Enterprising Individuals, discussing (in a roundabout way) the third season TNG episode “Sarek”. It was a lot of fun! Check it out!

And now, “Investigations”.┬áNeelix’s bid for YouTube stardom ends in death.

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Voyager rewatch 2.18 – “Death Wish”

It’s a very special crossover event.

[Note: this post includes discussion of suicide.]

[Far less solemn note: I am temporarily using Microsoft Edge because my work computer is too old to tolerate Chrome, and I cannot for the life of me get it to stop autocorrecting my spelling to the US style. Please forgive any inconsistencies.]

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