Star Trek catch-up: The Original Series

What is even life without fresh Disco every week? A slog, my friends. An unbearable slog. It’s been weeks since Jason Isaacs did anything morally ambiguous on my TV. How, I ask you, is a woman meant to live like this?

But it’s not all doom and gloom, right? I know that Disco has attracted a lot of new people to the Star Trek universe, or inspired people to take another look at the various flavours of canon.

This is part one of my Star Trek newbies guide, covering episodes from every series (eventually) which range from “classics” to “not classics, but solid examples of what Star Trek can do” to “if you liked Discovery, this is similar”.

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The cat is out of the bag: No Award, my blogging home for the last few years, has been retired. Stephanie’s professional writing and other commitments have been taking off, and rather than let it decay into One White Lady’s Star Trek Blog, we agreed that it would would be better to close the door and move on.

Which is sad! Not least because now I don’t have Stephanie around to proofread all my blog posts.

On the other hand, it’s a chance to resurrect my personal blog, give it a shiny new domain name and appearance, and transform it into One White Lady’s Star Trek Blog.

Among other things. With No Award, we went for a specifically Australian focus, and generally didn’t review things unless we felt we could add something new to the conversation. Here, I’m more inclined to just … blog how I feel. I’ve made a commitment to myself to post at least once a week, so why impose artificial limits?

So later today, I’ll share a post I prepared earlier (the first in my series of Stuff You Could Watch If Disco Made You Want More Trek, But Don’t Feel Compelled Or Anything, I’m Not The Boss Of You posts). And I am absolutely trying to list my top 5 worst birbs, but it’s just so hard to choose between the magpie and the ibis, and yes, the entire country of Australia is wrong.

I’ve also added a ko-fi link to my sidebar. I don’t expect or require payment for blogging, but … look, I’m open to the possibility, and ko-fi seems like a low-stress, low-pressure way to make it an option. (Boy oh boy, are we glad we never got around to creating a Patreon for No Award!)

Star Trek: Discovery 1.09 – “Into the Forest I Go”

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I can’t believe it’s been eight weeks since this adventure started. Or that we have to wait another eight weeks for the final six episodes of season 1, because apparently “fall season finales” are a thing the world needed.

This week: Michael Burnham is extraordinary; Lorca gonna Lorca; white women are immortal; Ash Tyler’s still probably a Klingon; and more.

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Star Trek: Discovery 1.08 – “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”

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Wanky episode title bingo card: Latin. Check.

It means “if you wish for peace, prepare for war”, but I’m not entirely sure this episode lived up to the promise of its title.

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Star Trek: Discovery 1.07 – “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”

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Things I love: time loops and wibbly wobbly timey wimey shenanigans.

Things Stephanie absolutely hates: the same.

I could hear her chagrin from all the way across town, and it was great. Much like this episode.

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Star Trek: Discovery 1.05 – “Choose Your Pain”

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Last week, I made fun of the show for having a pretentious title.

This week, I would like to make fun of it for having a completely naff title. Fans, right? Are they ever happy?

As it happens, yes! Quibbles aside, I rather enjoyed this episode, and here is the post (complete with parenthetical digressions) to prove it.

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Star Trek: Discovery 1.04 – “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry”

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First of all, that is a very pretentious episode title.

Second, this episode had a lot to like, and also a fair bit that I strongly disliked and may end up deciding I hate, so this is not a wholly positive review.

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