Liz Barr is an aspiring novelist, occasional con-runner and all-too-frequent blogger. In 2019 she won the Ditmar Award for Best Fan Writer for her Star Trek blogging at squiddishly.net. She has written an embarrassing amount of fan fiction.

Liz also podcasts about Star Trek at Antimatter Pod, and can be found having opinions about things which aren’t even (necessarily) Star Trek-related in various places around the internet:

Nerd biography


Antimatter Pod: A Star Trek podcast discussing fashion, feminism, subtext and subspace. Hosted with Anika Dane.

Publishing credits

  • Contributor: “Nimons Are Forever” in Chicks Unravel Time (Mad Norwegian Press, 2012; edited by Deborah Stanish and L. M. Myles)
  • Co-editor and contributor: Companion Piece: Women celebrate the humans, aliens and tin dogs of Doctor Who (Mad Norwegian Press, 2015, co-edited with L. M. Myles)
  • Contributor: “Queenside” in Cranky Ladies of History (Fablecroft, 2015; edited by Tansy Rayner Roberts and Tehani Wessely)
  • Article: “Lest We Forget To Cough Up Some Coin” (Spook Magazine, April 2015)
  • Article: “Did Tori Amos Start To Suck When She Turned 40?” (Spook Magazine, May 2015)
  • Article: “What Is It About Mad Men That Makes People Go Ga-Ga?” (Spook Magazine, May 2015)

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