Voyager rewatch 6.12 – “Blink of an Eye”

Daniel Dae Kim. That’s it. That’s the episode.

We’re almost halfway through season 6, and I think it’s fair to say this season has been rough. We’ve had some very low lows and some very middling highs. And “Blink of an Eye” is more of the latter: it’s a perfectly enjoyable and inoffensive episode, mostly notable for the presence of Daniel Dae Kim in the second half.

We have your classic self-contained Star Trek-as-short-story set up: Voyager comes across a doughnut-shaped planet where time moves faster due to … reasons. You know. Technobabble. Voyager gets trapped in a low orbit at an early stage in the local society’s development, which triggers seismic changes in both the cultural and literal sense. Over the next few days, Voyager watches as the planetsiders evolve from primitive star worshippers to twentieth century-style nation states, culminating in the development of a space program which launches Hot Astronaut Daniel Dae Kim at Voyager.

This is all. You know. Fine. Chakotay gets to study the social development of the world below. (He’s an anthropologist again now, if you’re keeping track, which the writers definitely were not.) The Doctor infiltrates their society, accidentally spending a couple of years there, and apparently briefly adopting a child.

Janeway has a wonderful scene with Hot Astronaut Daniel Dae Kim as he comes to terms with the fact that the mythic and mysterious vessel which has haunted his world for millennia is a lost starship from the other side of the galaxy, and that the nature of their planet means his people have a lot of work to do if they’re going to explore space in their own right.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and after “Fair Haven”, it’s frankly a relief to have 44 minutes of Star Trek that doesn’t make me want to throw things. But other than Kim’s performance, there’s also nothing that makes me excited. Even the costuming is lacklustre.

I cannot summon the enthusiasm for a listicle. Instead, I’m just gonna provide a link to Giphy’s collection of Daniel Dae Kim gifs, and let you be on your way.

In conclusion

Skip this episode? Watch this episode? I dunno, man. It’s inoffensive, but maybe that’s not enough. Three licensed SkyShip(TM) toys out of five, but not in an enthusiastic way.

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