Voyager rewatch 3.14 – “Alter Ego”

But first! Absolutely no one has been clamouring to find out what I’m planning to do for Star Trek: Lower Decks, so let me tell you anyway:

I have no idea!

Not just because we don’t yet have info about an international release — there are ways around that, up to and including “getting a prepaid Visa with US currency and a VPN and actually signing up to CBS All Access”. (Don’t think I won’t, uhhhhhhh, give you my money, media conglomerates!)

I’m mostly not sure how much I’ll have to say about it. Recaps for comedies — unless it’s something like The Good Place, where there’s a lot of substance behind the laughs — tend to either just repeat the jokes from the show, or treat the whole affair with so much po-faced seriousness as to render the concept of “comedy” meaningless.

So I’m playing it by ear, hoping we get a last-minute announcement about international availability (I’ll even sign up for Ten All Access if I have to!), and aiming to post about it but not anticipating anything more substantial than maybe amusing bullet points.

Now, onto the show!

“Alter Ego” asks: is it possible to love Tuvok too much? Turns out the answer is … yes?

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