2 thoughts on “Antimatter Pod, episode 46”

  1. hi liz! finally listened to this episode, and i’m curious about which parts of b5 you think aged poorly? i grew up with it & like it better, but it’s been a while, and i remember feeling that they handled almost everything better than star trek (especially the queer representations & labor rights stuff, addiction, and more nuanced religious themes that i appreciate as an atheist).
    thanks, love the pod!

    1. Hi Jen! Thanks for your comment!

      It’s mostly in the execution that I think B5 is outdated — the dialogue, for example, has a lot more exposition than a modern series would, including recaps of events which, in a modern show, would be covered by the “previously on…”. And the visuals — the make-up holds up really well, but watching it on my modern, large, HD TV was not flattering to the effects, costumes or sets.

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