Voyager rewatch 3.02 – “Flashback”

Tuvok does the time warp, sort of.

(This is late because, well, turns out that working from home comes in two speeds: super slow, do all the blogging; and YOU WILL WORK SEVEN DAYS IN A ROW AND YOUR BACK WILL REFLEXIVELY SEIZE UP WHEN YOU LOOK AT YOUR DESK. Guess which mode I’ve been in lately?)

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45. Affable Evil and the Chaos Agents

Source: 45. Affable Evil and the Chaos Agents

Anika and Liz are joined by Jules (of @juleshastweets and Bad Pajamas) to talk about our favourite villains! Complete with sidebars about Star Wars and Avatar: The Last Airbender, and a a brief reinvention as an Expanse podcast.

Topics of discussion include:

  • villains versus antagonists
  • redemption arcs
  • the mirror universe
  • is Emperor Georgiou the Garak of Discovery?
  • maybe Quark isn’t a villain, but he should definitely be in jail
  • speaking of incarceration — Garak gets six months for attempted genocide, while Kasidy Yates gets the same sentence for smuggling medical supplies to the Maquis? Really?
  • concept: the Prophets are not good people
  • #seskadeservedbetter
  • the magnificence of General Chang

Finally, going technically off-topic but when did we ever let that stop us, Julia talks about Picard‘s golem and Jewish myth.