43. #notallorganics (Picard 1.09)

Source: 43. #notallorganics (Picard 1.09)

This week on Star Trek: The Next Generation, the crew beam down to an idyllic paradise whose scantily clad residents harbour a terrible secret.

No, wait! It’s Star Trek: Picard, and any resemblance to season one of TNG is entirely … unfortunate. This week on Antimatter Pod…

  • Anika has a shocking confession
  • apparently we are meant to consider Bruce Maddox a great loss to humanity? Really?
  • how Picard and Batman are quite different
  • why is Sutra … like that?
  • we have so many questions about the depiction of women’s sexuality in this show, and none of them reflect well on the writers
  • this week, in Anika Ships It: Sutra/Narissa!

Soji can have a little genocide, as a treat.