Liz versus Deep Space 9

If you’re new to Star Trek, you’ll get a lot of people telling you that DS9 is the best of the ’90s spin-offs, if not the best Trek, full stop.

And those people aren’t wrong.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to skip it for now in my round up of “Star Trek episodes you might enjoy if you are new and liked Discovery“. Because the truth is, I just don’t like it all that much.

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Liz @ Continuum

Continuum is a fan-run Australian convention taking place in Melbourne over the long weekend from June 8 to 11. I’ve co-programmed it for the second year in a row, and I’m extremely excited about the line-up of stuff we have happening.

Here’s where you’ll find me:

Friday | 7pm – Very Disco

Star Trek: Discovery brings the venerable franchise into the 21st century, with more ambiguity, serialised storytelling and fungus than previous iterations. Let’s talk tropes, tribbles and Klingon subtitles.

There is an approximately 100% chance I will be talking about Katrina Cornwell. But also gatekeeping, angry man-boys, and what “real” Star Trek looks like.

Sunday | 11am – Fannish Legal Shenanigans

OH&S on the Enterprise; suing Hogwarts for child endangerment; is that unicorn endangered?

I’m on this panel because (a) it was my idea; (b) I wrangle barristers for a living, so my whole life is legal shenanigans.

Sunday | 4pm – Out in the Open

Fan fiction used to be hidden away, subject to takedown notices, and sometimes kept secret from friends and family. Now there are successful mainstream novels about fic writers and readers, and some creators allow writers to earn money from their work. Is this legitimisation or exploitation? What has been gained and what’s been lost in the process?

This is a really interesting issue, and I’m looking forward to talking about it.

Monday | 11am – One Star

How to handle negative reviews — as an author and as a reviewer. Some forums, especially GoodReads, can foster an “Us versus Them” mentality. What’s the professional and respectful way to approach critical reviews?

So one thing I’ve found really interesting is the evolution of the idea that you’re either a reader or an author, and the two categories are mutually exclusive.

Outside of these times and places, I can probably be found lurking around the reg desk, or sitting in other people’s panels, or napping under the table in the committee room.

(If you find me in that last place, and you’re not on committee, well, that will raise some questions.)