Books read in August 2013

The Road to Hell Gillian Galbraith Crime
The Wine of Angels Phil Rickman Supernatural
Midwinter of the Spirit Phil Rickman Supernatural
A Crown of Lights Phil Rickman Supernatural
The Cure of Souls Phil Rickman Supernatural
The Lamp of the Wicked Phil Rickman Supernatural
The Prayer of the Night Shepherd Phil Rickman Supernatural
The Smile of a Ghost Phil Rickman Supernatural
The Deep: Here be Dragons Tom Taylor Graphic novel
The Deep: The Vanishing Island Tom Taylor Graphic novel
Mass Effect: Redemption Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller Graphic novel
The Remains of an Altar Phil Rickman Supernatural

Needless to say, this was a prolific month, though not one marked by variety.

Basically, I got hooked on Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins series, which deals with a female Anglican priest who balances life as a single mother with her parish duties and her second job as the diocesan exorcist, plus the more worldly matters that come her way. In short, she fights crime and ghosts.

It’s not great literature, But the series is full of entertaining ghost stories and straight-up crime. The subtext can be more misogynistic than I’d like, but I found the characters and situations compelling enough to overcome my issues.

Otherwise, I read The Deep by Tom Taylor, which is a charming and fun family comic which I will discuss in more detail at No Award. I also read one of the official Mass Effect graphic novels, which was mildly enjoyable, but the rather sexist portrayal of female characters came as a shock after the deep.

Luckily, or not, September will have more variety and also some famine which is always nice.

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