Here, have a spooky Hallowe’en read!

Short fiction for Hallowe’en seems to have exploded in the last few years, or maybe I’m only just starting to notice it.  I don’t care much for horror, or creepypasta in general — my BFF is obsessed with the NoSleep boards on Reddit, and I’m like, BUT I WANT TO SLEEP! — but I do enjoy a good ghost story now and then.

“Over the River” by Katherine Traylor is a really excellent, atmospheric, creepy story.  It reminded me of one of the Hugo-nominated novellas of this year, except it wasn’t sexist or annoying, and also I can remember the title.  OKAY, THAT SOUNDS LIKE FAINT PRAISE.  Despite a superficial similarity to that story, “Over the River” is really good.  It felt like the set-up for a novel, but also stands on its own.  You should go and read it and stuff.

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    1. I had this brilliant idea of reading ALL THE HUGO NOMINEES this year. I managed all the novels and half the novellas, and then I had to stop. The nominees were just kind of mediocre, and it made me sad for the genre.

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