I haven’t written much this week — I’m even behind on Malory Towers! — because I have this terrible cold.  The first symptoms, early this week, were Feeling Sad And Also Not Writing, which is basically the opposite of cool.  Then I spent most of yesterday sleeping.

But today I feel well enough to leave my bed!  Later I might even do the dishes and the next Malory Towers post!

In the meantime, here’s a great interview with my friend Zoe about fat activism and the extremely sketchy links between obesity and various “lifestyle” diseases.  (Fact: due to various health conditions, my mother has been chronically underweight for most of her adult life.  AND YET she has diabetes II, which the media tells me is God’s way of punishing fatties for not being thin!  Amazing!)

Zoe’s the friend I go to when I need to be told that, no, I’m not too overweight to wear galaxy leggings, what are you talking about, Liz, don’t be stupid!  And when I said to her, “Hey, the doctor tells me I’m pre-diabetic and should lose some kilos, and this doctor is pretty cool and not fatphobic so I’m taking him seriously.  How can I frame weight loss talk without being horrible?” she gave me tips.

(She’s also my partner in A Certain Inappropriate Animated Villain Crush.  *eyedart*)

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