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An adult man reads a Malory Towers book for the very first time.  Starting with the final one, no less!

I like his verdict — after commenting on the, uh, questionable treatment of Mamzelle Dupont and the sad lack of Darrell’s notorious temper in this book, he concludes:  I think it does no harm to sample a setting where there are a variety of female role models to choose from.

I also like the commenter who notes that Claudine at St Clare’s is a novel about mothers and daughters.  (And not just because her favourite Malory Towers novel is the same as mine!)

That made me think of an earlier idea of mine, to do a chapter-by-chapter reading of the Malory Towers and St Clare books, and possibly also the Naughtiest Girls. I read the first two series just a few months ago, and had a lot of thoughts about the treatment of class (obvious) and fatness (less so), and also the characters in general.  Maaaaaaaaaybe as a once-a-week thing?  Or, possibly, twice a week, given that I have Wednesdays off.  I’ll give it some thought while I do my groceries, and may start later this afternoon. 

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