I’m a wannabe writer, which is to say I spend a lot of timing staring at empty pages and blank screens, and then tweet about how writing is hard, y’all!

I’m a fan, that is, I create fanworks and get into fights online about books and TV shows, and sometimes I secretly judge people when I meet them in real life and they have opinions which are wrong differ from mine.

I’m a Trekkie, meaning I have a rather tedious hyperfixation on one elderly franchise, and I’m sorry, it’s just my thing right now.

I’m a Melburnian with a day job, which means I get to complain on Twitter about peak hour public transport and the surreal conversations I overhear in the tea room.  (But much of my day job is confidential, classified or otherwise Not For Sharing On The Internet, so what else is there to share?)

I share a house with my best friend and our cat, and for some reason, writing my “about” page makes me defensive.

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